In the Sun That is Young Once Only

I have spent the last 3 years photographing my daughter, her friends, and many of the kids that live in our neighborhood in Atlanta. 

Over this time, I’ve watched them create an idyllic childhood for themselves during the COVID pandemic, when most children were forced to be inside and isolated. We thought a world where kids ran barefoot from yard to yard was a thing of the past. But the kids proved us wrong by embracing this time to explore and play together.

As the larger world started to open up and the kids went off to school, they stayed friends, and continue to dance, sing, play on the trampoline, make forts, and have backyard birthday parties for every kid on the street. The pandemic took so much of our freedom. But for our kids it gave them the greatest freedom - time and space to explore and grow up together. 

In the sun that is young once only,

Time let me play and be

Golden in the mercy of his means

— Dylan Thomas, Fern Hill